Why this theme?

[iconbox title=”Layout Builder” icon=”layout.png”]Create custom page layouts via drag and drop in  minutes[/iconbox]

[iconbox title=”3D Slideshow” icon=”images.png”]Cu3er Slideshow included with fallback jQuery Slideshow[/iconbox]

[iconbox title=”Top support” icon=”help.png”]16000 Posts in our support forum. We do care![/iconbox]

[iconbox title=”Video Support” icon=”movie.png”]Want to embed multiple videos? Piece of cake! [/iconbox]

[iconbox title=”Shotcodes” icon=”write.png”]You should definitley check out our kickass shortcode system![/iconbox]


[iconbox title=”Lightbox” icon=”magnify.png”]The theme uses the beautiful prettyPhoto lightbox[/iconbox]

[iconbox title=”Framework” icon=”gears.png”]Built on our very own Avia Framework. We know how to code![/iconbox]

[iconbox title=”Updates” icon=”refresh.png”]Follow us on twitter or facebook to get theme updates[/iconbox]

[iconbox title=”Icon Boxes” icon=”info.png”]Like these icon boxes? We got more than 30 and you can add your own too![/iconbox]

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