Highlights from 2011


The Christmas service by Elizabeth was excellent.  It was the first she had done at Minshull and she will probably be asked to do another.  She talked about Jesus having only the room that was left, that many people relegate him to a small part of their lives because they are too busy or disinterested.  It was the lowest of the low shepherds who first worshipped the highest of the high Jesus.  There was just the right balance of light and serious, and a lovely atmosphere filled the church.

We thoroughly enjoyed our Carols round the Tree and Crib.  The church was beautifully arranged as you can see in the photo and we all sat at the front.  Our congregation welcomed quite a few visitors including some with good voices so the singing was particularly good and the readings well read.   David Spence took us through the Christmas story with carols and readings.  Then we finished with fellowship, mince pies and a cup of tea round the table.

Fellowship and mince pies


If you weren’t there you missed a super service led by the Salvation Army from Crewe.  The Church was full, actually there may have been two spare seats, and the display of gifts for less fortunate people was humbling and impressive.  There are many generous and kind people doing their part.

The band, led by Carl, started with a Christmas medley and then played for our Christmas hymns.  It lifted the singing into realms we rarely hear.  The Harmony, led by Heather, sang six songs beautifully, and in harmony!    ‘Volunteers’ dressed up for a nativity scene;  shepherds and wise men that were just like us found their lives changed when they encountered Christ.  Captain Ali encouraged us to just ‘stop and stare’ at the Christmas scene and to consider what it means to us when we encounter Jesus.

In addition to the gifts we presented nearly £200 to the Army for their work over Christmas and then enjoyed one of the fantastic buffets.    The church is grateful to friends for labouring at the sink during the socialising.  No photos were taken of the Salvation Army because there were so many youngsters that we didn’t have time to ask parental permission.

Thank you to Alison Hall for coming all the way from St. Helen’s because she was impressed with the website, and for making herself known.

Buffet plates all cleared


Harvest Service was another resounding success.  Hymns sung with enthusiasm and prayer responses said with meaning.  What more could we want?  We got that as well: a very good address by David about the teamwork is often hard work but is necessary for a good harvest – essential in a good church also.  The display of produce was good to start with and improved by the gifts of over 40 visitors.  They were good to us and took from the display what they wanted; donations to the Cheshire Agricultural Chaplaincy amounted to  £118.75.

On this particularly visual celebration, there are no photos of the display.  Sorry.  Something to look forward to next year.


India Louise Stewart’s Baptism


The baptism of India Louise Stewart was a really happy affair.  The church was full of her family and friends and she responded to their attentions at just the right time.  She seemed to take a liking to David and let out a little whimper when he passed her back to Daniel and Carly.

David spoke about the importance of guiding India in the right direction in life and we all welcomed her into the church family.

Thanks to Chris Lamb of ‘aspect digital photography’ who provided the photo and a big thank you to all who came and may God bless you.


We recently enjoyed hearing the Kipling Singers.  Their selection of songs was beautifully balanced and their standard was professional.  They will most certainly be invited back again.  Hopefully the website will have developed enough by then so we can have photos of them, or even some of their music for you to hear.  Thanks to the Singers for supplying this photo.