We have been celebrating Holy week in which we celebrate the excitement of the disci-ples and friends when they found that Jesus was alive.  We cannot imagine the relief or intense excitement; he had been with them for three years and suddenly been snatched away to death.  They thought they were doomed to annihilation, then suddenly on the Sunday morning, they found that all he said was true and that  there is hope after death.

They spent the whole of this week coming to terms with this world-changing discovery and the implications for them. We take us longer than a week so it’s OK to acknowledge the emotional and mental turmoil.

Our church is based on Jesus Christ.  Many people might ask what is so special about Jesus. Why would we want to worship him?

We are not worshipping a baby who came at Christmas although that was a very important part of who he is.  We follow the Jesus who spent three years of his adult life telling people about life as God intended it to be, a life with a close relationship of love for each other and for God.  God knew what life should be for it was he who made us, and that was with a need for love.  Jesus healed people who were ill because he loved them, and the fact that he could heal them and do various other miracles shows us now that he was a special person, not just a prophet or teacher.

He suffered death because he loved us

The climax of Jesus’s life was his death and resurrection.  In that single weekend, which we celebrate with Good Friday and Easter,  Jesus took the punishment for all the wrong in our lives that separate us from God.  Then he astounded everybody by appearing to hundreds of people, apparently defeating death.

That had never happened before and has not happened since and shows that Jesus was more than a special person.  We believe that he was the loving God himself.  There are many religions in this world but no others follow a person who came back from death and did not die again.  Many people have tried to disprove that all this happened and all have failed.  Even the people of the time who opposed him denied that it was true but historians and archaeologists have proved that the things we believe about Jesus really did happen.

There are many things about Jesus which we do not understand and there are many teachings we find hard to follow.  We do know that he wants us to love each other and to love him.  We worship him for what he has done for us and for how wonderful he is.

To find out more about what a Christian is, please click here.   You will find another website which explains everything better than we can.

Prayer about Jesus 

Thank you Father God for all that Jesus has done and for the promises he made and for the hope he brings.  

Thank you for sending him to us as a baby,  as a teenager, a youth and a adult.  We know that he understands all that we experience and has compassion on us.  

Thank you that his trust in you shows us that we can also trust you on all occasions and that you rejoice with us.  

Thank you for showing us yourself in Jesus, for showing us on the cross how much you love us, and for the resurrection which gives us the hope of eternal life with you.  Amen