Nehemiah’s Wall

This page is called ‘Nehemiah’s Wall’ because Nehemiah built the wall with stones until it was strong,
giving hope and encouragement to the people.

In just the first four months of 2013 the church received encouragement from a variety of sources.
We would like to record the most recent of them to remind us of God’s work in our church.




😛  One preacher asked us to worship God as we sang and then told us that he believes that God wants to bless this church.  Because that preacher is known for his faith, we are sure that he was sincere, that it was from God, and was not merely encouragement with empty words.  It confirms what other people have said to us.

  😆  A lady at the Elms Care Home was wandering about at the entrance, distressed, looking for her son.  She was encouraged to join us in our short service.  As she sang the hymns and prayed the prayers she seemed to relax so that by the time we finished she was much happier.  Singing does help people, singing to God has double benefits!  Prayer changes us.

😛  A lady at the Elms Care Home told one of our congregation that she talked to God every day. Other residents thought that she was crazy but she thinks that they are crazy for not talking to God every day!  We are encouraged because our services had encouraged her and she was able to talk about it.

  😆  Ten years ago a font was given to a Methodist Church.  Now it has been offered to us, with overwhelming generosity.  We have always had to manage with a bowl on the communion table.  Now we are ready for God to send people to baptise.

😛  We believe that it was God who started the shop.  The owners had no tenants so, rather than leave it empty, they offered it to us for three months.  It has been hard work but the experienced shop-keepers in our congregation have come out of retirement to manage it.  We are delighted to support ARCH in Crewe as well as increase our funds.  We have been encouraged by the goodwill of donors, helpers and customers, and by the increase in customers as word gets round.  What a wonderful way to use the skills, time and resources to God’s glory.

  😆  A man, whom I will call Henry, called in at the shop because he thought that he had seen another man coming from the shop direction holding a saw, which he also needed. Normally he doesn’t  visit any of the shops in that area, so it was unusual for him to do this.  When he saw the table offering Christian gifts, he was delighted that he had been ‘sent’ in to be with other Christians.  Henry had become a Christian just two years ago and was enjoying many instances of God working in his life.  He knew one of our visiting preachers who had encouraged him in his faith.  After chatting for about an hour and a half and taking with him some of our literature on display, including a ‘Good News’ newspaper for  one of his friends, he left saying he would be back again.  What Henry didn’t realise was how much he had encouraged the volunteer he chatted to.

😛  We really do need cushions for our pews.  It was mentioned that we could use part of the money from the shop to provide some.  That afternoon a lady brought enough cloth for the cushions.  Later that week we learned that an acquaintance was about to retire and was selling off his stocks of foam.  To complete the project we have a seamstress in the congregation!  God provides all our needs.

  😆  For the first time in many years, our membership is in double figures.