Bible Study

We have been studying the Bible together for only six years and we still consider ourselves novices so the discussions are not beyond anybody’s understanding.  We find them interesting and challenging.  What is more, they help us to develop our faith in Jesus.  By opening up the scriptures we can delve into what they really mean and how they fit together.  Thanks to our hosts we can relax in a homely atmosphere and share biscuits and a drink together.


We started by discussing the sovereignty of God and that he can use people to help others (Esther).

God the creator and the beginning of sin (Genesis).

God’s answer to sin through the person and work of Jesus (from Mark’s Gospel using ‘Christianity Explored’).

The meaning of Easter, the resurrection, life after life-after-death, prayer, Holy Spirit, church family (‘Christianity Explored’).

Evangelism (using the U.R.C. booklet).

Any questions?

Exploring some of the Psalms as they show us the relevance of our faith in everyday life.

Learning, from Nehemiah, The Courage to Face Opposition.  This study was particularly good because we learned a lot about ourselves and our own faith in relation to the world around us.

John’s Gospel proclaims Jesus to all.  This is proving to be challenging.  We are resisting the temptation to skim over hard passages.  We will resume from Chapter 7 later.

During Lent 2014 we studied Spirituality and Prayer from a booklet provided by the URC and published by GEAR.  This was unsettling as it assumed a degree of spirituality beyond us; it also showed us what could happen.

Because we were planning a Day About Prayer we continued to explore Prayer through a booklet called ‘Great Prayers of the Bible‘ (published by CWR).

We resumed John from chapter 7.

Then, in August 2015, our hosts decided that they no longer wish to continue studying the bible.  That left only two people so the Bible Study has stopped.  Unfortunately the Prayer Meeting had been linked with the Bible Study so that stopped as well.  It is very sad for the church’s spiritual future.  In November our interim moderator offered to lead bible study but there was insufficient enthusiasm.  Nothing has taken its place.