Our first Wednesday cafe service was a success.On arrival we placed our food on the table then chatted over tea or coffee.After a while David introduced the service which was about thirsting for God as we thirst for tea or coffee. Rita, Mim and Elizabeth took part. We were invited to mention people or situations for our prayers.The food was shared round; there was plenty – enough for two more visitors.Now we consider how to build on that success for another occasion .

We always enjoy eating together
We always enjoy eating together
We met the Embrey family.
We met the Embrey family.

Our new Moderator, Jacky Embrey, honoured us by leading worship on Palm Sunday. The hymns were good, the prayers meaningful and the sermon encouraged us to speak up about Jesus and our faith. Thank you, Jacky.Thank you also to her family who boosted the singing and shared their friendship. What lovely people! We look forward to meeting them again.

The visit of the Augmented Union St. Baptist Church Choir in July was definitely a highlight for us. Their visits always are. ‘Angel Voices’ by Roger Jones was sung as well as ever and we thank them and David, their conductor, for the work they put into it.

We welcomed Peter and Judy de Bourcier when they came to tell us about Mission Aviation Fellowship in August. An informal setting round a table created a lovely relaxed atmosphere to which Peter and Judy warmed. In addition to the normal hymns prayer and readings, Peter projected pictures to explain how the Fellowship started, what they did, the people they work with. It was fascinating. After the presentation/service we chatted over cake and tea for another hour for there was so much we wanted to know. We took a collection for the work and the church are now resolved to support them to the best of our ability. This website cannot tell you much about MAF so either look at their website or ask us for contact details so that you can know more about this challenging and ever-changing work.

Michael Field is becoming a firm favourite at Minshull so it was with confident excitement that we welcomed him for the Harvest Celebration. The display was completely transformed by focussing on non-perishable food in clusters round the platform. That, Michael’s service and the buffet tea, made the event a real highlight.


Once again Rev. David Spence led our special service in which the Christmas story was re-told from the bible. The well-known carols were enjoyed. In addition, there were two delightful readings by Rita and Jean which made us appreciate and think about the coming season. We were joined by many guests who were pleased to stay for mulled wine, tea and mince pies.
Then Rev. David Hamblin took us through the story of the Christingle, which means ‘Jesus is the light of the world’. He encouraged us as we made our own Christingles and suggested that when we light a candle we remember that the darkness cannot put out this light. In a Christingle we remember the birth and death of Jesus.
Our Christmas Morning service was about the different ways people would respond to Jesus when he comes again. Elizabeth led us admirably in prayer and worship to make a good start to a special day.
We knew from last year that Claire Roberts would do a good informal service, but didn’t expect it to be so good. With Kim Roberts at the keyboard, we enjoyed the carols and Claire’s visual, activity-based way of reminding us that, even in the dark times of life, we have Jesus as the light of the world. It was only after the service that we settled down to enjoy the tea that we had brought.