Checking final details
Checking final details

No Greater God‘ was really good, as we have come to expect from USBC Choir.  Not only were they in top form, singing with the conductor, David Greatbanks, and in tune; their enthusiasm showed and carried over to the congregation of about forty people.  (How wonderful to see our friends again.)  

This time there were pictures and texts from various parts of the Bible illustrating how great God is and that helped us understand the significance of the song and therefore enjoy it more.  It also meant that we could follow the words of some of the songs and were able to join in with the praising, if we could ‘pick up’ the tune quickly. The sixteen songs were varied in style and included some solos and some duets.  We could truly come away marvelling at how great God is.  Thank you USBC; thank you David.

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Minshull football mania

It was followed by the usual quality buffet but this time the tables were set out at the back of the church.  This was a new arrangement which seemed to work well in that people didn’t have to pass each other in the narrow passageway to the schoolroom. Did more come back for another plateful?  

However, neither of these were the real reason for the change.   The schoolroom had been converted into an ‘Alex Suite’ with cafe tables, bunting and radio because Crewe Alex were playing Cheltenham and could go up into the First League.  Several of us enjoyed following the match until Crewe won 2 – 0 at which point we could go home happy.