Our God is greater than we can imagine.



Our Sunday services are at
2.30 from October to March and 6.00 from April to September.
Our ‘cafe-style’ services on some Wednesdays are at 11.30.
Please look at our diary to see when our next service will be.

We are one of the smallest United Reformed Churches in Cheshire.
Our membership has varied over the years. Frequently there have been between 6 and 11.
We enjoy friendship and love equal to that of some larger churches.
It is a perfect setting for intimate weddings, funerals and baptisms.

Christian cross - Wikipedia




Christians believe that God created everything that is – frequently through human skills. Jesus is the Son of God. He was born to Mary as a human person, died an horrific death on a cross because he loves us, and came back to life. He is now with God, his Father.
The Spirit of God lives in us when we ask him to.
Father, Son and Spirit are all God.
This raises many mysteries.  We try to understand by reading the Bible which is a record of God the Father working in His world, of the teaching of Jesus and the moving of the Spirit in God’s people.Christ in the Temple

This display is for one of our toy services for the Salvation Army. We have generous friends and neighbours who help to make give presents to children who would be without. On these occasions our church is full of people and toys, happiness and meeting friends again. It is only one of the charities that we support and one of the special services we have each year.



Our door looks out to our mission field. A main road with lots of traffic every day, a distant farmhouse (with three others to left and right) and the homes lining the roads between them.
We rejoice that Jesus cares about all the people.  Praying for them is part of our ministry.

Meet our minister, Murray George. You can also phone him or email him — 01260 273873 and revmsg60@gmail.com .
The phone number and email address for Peter Drew, our secretary, are 07767 982011 and minsec@jamjar.org
Our facebook page is @MinshulllURC


1st – Church Meeting at 4 p.m. followed by Communion Service led by Murray.
8th  – We welcome back Les Sanderson to lead a normal service.
15th –  We welcome back Olwen Ineson.
22nd –  We welcome back Peter Ollerhead.
29th  – Les Sanderson comes back; second time this month!

It will be great to see and hear from our friends of many years.




At our meeting in August we decided to continue with normal services.

Minister Murray will lead them on the 5th and 12th at 6.00 P.M.

Our service on 19th will be different because Peter’s services are always different.  That is also an evening service.

In the afternoon of the 26th we shall celebrate God’s goodness in providing the harvest for yet anther year.  Rev. Jennie Wakefield  hopes to lead us, health permitting, at 2.30.  Jennie is not only a lovely person, she also brings a real Christian message.  It won’t be a bumper display and we won’t be offering a Harvest Buffet on the scale of previous years.  It will be a simple and sincere celebration of our God’s goodness to us all.  Well worth making an effort to join in.


All our services are at 2.30.

Sunday 3rd at 2.30, Murray will lead worship and communion.  Then we shall have a church meeting until about 5.15 with tea and biscuits (possible cake and coffee also).

Services for the rest of the month have not yet been planned.


Please pray with us

For the church to know Jesus more.
For the people who live near the church.
For the people who are struggling with life.
For Mission Aviation Fellowship.
For Murray George, our minister.
For guest preachers.

Would you like us to pray for a concern of yours?

Prayer does not fit us for the greater work, it is the greater work. (Oswald Chambers)



R U looking for a happy church, small, friendly, relaxed, caring, gentle, with prayer and offering the hope and peace of Jesus? You’ve found it! Want a warm intimate setting for a baptism, wedding or funeral? Then simply contact the minister or secretary.

Try praying?

Prayer is simply pouring out your heart to God, using your normal everyday words.  If you can’t think of anything else to say, say the same thing again and again; those prayers are good.

It can be an emergency prayer for a situation or person.
It can be a thank you or praising prayer when something wonderful happens.

Our hearts can overflow with joy, or being puzzled.

Many prayers are when we are in difficulties, frightened, worried.
They can be for ourselves or other people.

Read all of Psalm 6
The writer is in a bad way until near the end. Can you see the verse when he remembers that God’s love is for each of us, all the time?  So why worry, prayer is a lot less stressful!