Where there is hatred let us show love

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If you are a regular visitor to our site you may have found the page ‘Family News’ which relates things as they happen. Similarly the Diary will tell you what we plan will happen so keep an eye on that also as it changes at any time.

October 2020
Our main news is the death of Barrie, about which I have written in the family section. The church was full of autumn flowers, just as he would have liked, and as full of invited family and friends as Covid allowed. It is very sad that Barrie will not be seen at church again. We will all miss him for a long time.
In preparation for the funeral the church needed a thorough clean.  That would have been too much for us so we had professionals in – they took only two hours! The outside was improved as well, thanks to volunteers.
Now we see obvious signs of moisture on the walls and are conscious of the hole in the roof where water came in a while ago.
Peter and Elizabeth are worshipping, praying and praising every Sunday from 2.30 and would be pleased to welcome other people. We look forward to numbers justifying inviting a guest preacher, and to celebrating Christmas together. Some churches have closed and other churches are growing due to the pandemic so there is still hope of coming through this. God is certainly at work but are we working with Him?

September 2020
The church is still not gathering; we have no plans to start for a few months, mainly because we are safer at home. Two are struggling with health. Three ask why risk spreading the virus? We can’t greet each other properly, sing, say the Lord’s Prayer out loud. To open the building is a lot of work for very little. Four are keen to worship together, be encouraged and learn more about Jesus. But it will take more than four to prepare the church. We continue to phone or visit and there is still a belonging to each other.
Murray has continued to send out services by email, facebook etc. He now leads worship in his other churches on alternate Sundays. He still has ideas about opening our church for private prayer.
The Food Bank continues to be well supported so a letter went to the neighbours thanking them. The letter also exlained that the GoodNews paper had to stop when the printers closed but we hoped to distribute them in September. They are now ready for distribution! Neighbours were encouraged to think of the church as not closed for good and to look forward to it opening again.

June 2020
God is Sovereign and Jesus is Lord and there lies our hope and our faith. Some of us have stayed at home for more than two months, others have made a point of going out.
Lee did her final service with us on Zoom and then we all said goodbye. It was not a proper farewell so we will try that later.
Murray has been busy on the computer sending out reflections and thoughts and Sunday Resources. He has also been using Zoom to gather the people together for Services, Prayer and Fellowship, Bible Exploration.
We have been phoning each other. It is possible that we shall start services again in July. Perhaps our fellowship will be stronger after all this.
Our wooden window frames have been painted and the spiders have been very busy in the pews.
The Food Bank has been well-supported with as many as seven bags of food in one week.

April 2020
Covid chaos causes consternation concerning church closure.
Our last service before having to close for Covid-19 was on 15th March. We tried to continue but the situation became impossible so we had to stop.
Followers of this page would think that would give time to bring everything up to date. Yes, but not of the website.
Meanwhile Lee and Murray have tried to minister to the three churches by YouTube talks and emails. We are told that some of our members have been phoned. Six of us don’t use computers.
Easter Cards were exchanged and others given to the neighbours. Nearly all the Good News Papers were given to nearly all the neighbours also. The building is closed but we are still one body in our own homes.
News about different members will be in ‘Family News’.
Stuart Radcliffe was encouraging. He helped us to see that this church was the answer to prayer for three people and that our prayers were being answered. The areas he would recommend we develop are prayer and presence – be encouraged by past answers to prayer so that we continue to pray, and continue to make ourselves known in the area.

Please pray with us for

the church to know Jesus more
the people who live near the church
the people who are struggling with life
Mission Aviation Fellowship
Murray George, our minister
guest preachers.

Would you like us to pray for a concern of yours?



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