Nobody is too Good or too Bad to be Loved by God.



The church has now closed.

One day we may find out why how this fits into God’s plan.  Or had we strayed from God’s plan so much that we became superfluous and he is makng way for something or someone else?

We were one of the smallest United Reformed Churches in Cheshire.
Lockdown and old age left us with only six members of whom three chose to worship elsewhere.
We enjoyed friendship and love equal to that of some larger churches.
It was a perfect setting for intimate weddings, funerals and baptisms.

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Christians believe that God created everything that is – frequently through human skills. Jesus is the Son of God. He was born to Mary as a human person, died an horrific death on a cross because he loves us, and came back to life. He is now with God, his Father.
The Spirit of God lives in us when we ask him to.
Father, Son and Spirit are all God.
This raises many mysteries.  We try to understand by reading the Bible which is a record of God the Father working in His world, of the teaching of Jesus and the moving of the Spirit in God’s people.Christ in the Temple

We have supported five charities over the last ten years.

Salvation Army
Agricultural Chaplaincy
Embrace Middle East
Commitment for Life (Christian Aid)
Mission Aviation Fellowship

They shall each receive gifts of hundreds of pounds that we saved for emergencies that never came.



Our door looks out to our mission field. A main road with lots of traffic every day, a distant farmhouse (with three others to left and right) and the homes lining the roads between them.
We rejoice that Jesus cares about all the people.  We prayed for them but none came.  A few have expressed disappointment that the church has closed – they didn’t want it, just felt sorry for us.

Our minister was Murray George.
01260 273873 and .
 Peter Drew, our secretary, is still active and available.
07767 982011 and

Minshull United Reformed Church finally closed after a service on 28th November.
Why had we believed that He would step in and rescue the Church, even at the last minute?
When Covid began we had nine members.  Twenty months later it had changed.  Two stayed at home after the lockdown, two chose to attend Middlewich instead, one was disillusioned with the teaching in the church, one died.  That left three and we could not run a church with three who had not the energy required.
And yet God is Sovereign and He knows what is best.

The building is in good condition.  Please pray that another group of Christians will see the potential and use it to God’s glory.

It was sad to hear the history of our church read out with little or no reference to the God we claimed to worship.  It was mainly about the building and social events.  The Moderator gave much encouragement based on readings from Jeremiah and Matthew.
The congregation were invited to write their memories of the church which will be put on this website when the secretary has finished disposing of the church contents and finalising the accounts.

It was poignant that, on the day we expected a large turnout, only 35 came.  This was mainly due to the snow.  During the service we gave £196 to the Salvation Army Christmas Appeal.

I live in Chester now but originally came from Coppenhall and was a member of North St.
From the late 40s to the mid 60s, Coppenhall supported Cross Lanes for SS Anniversaries and Harvests
 My cousin  and my late husband conducted the children and we brought a lot of our members too. After the afternoon service we would go for a walk to the canal then come back for one of  Mrs  Buckley’s amazing teas, some sitting at the farm and the rest in the SS room. We all came to the Harvest auction where Mr Buckley was auctioneers. I have very many happy memories. The Coppenhall Quartette which included my father often sang at special occasions and our organist Stan Robinson accompanied .
I remember Derek and his wife really well and May and Brian. Derek is such a lovely man, would love to see him. Does he still live in the houses high above the road?
I hope the service is a blessing to all. It was a very special place.    Sue Morton


I was bringing a lady with increasing dementia to Chapel where she was always made very welcome.  One evening after the service she fell in the road outside.  I screamed for help as it was dark, traffic swerving around us.  Barrie came to our aid.  Ever after that, somebody came and escorted us into and out of chapel.  This symbolises Minshull Chapel.  They made it possible for this life-long Christian lady to come to God’s house when it was beyond me to manage her on my own.  Thank you.  Her name is Margaret.


Wonderful warm welcome always!
Sharing worship Cafe-Style on the Sunday between Christmas and New Year; the engagement and interaction around the table was always a blessing.  In particular the year that Evelyn received the gift of a crown.  I hope it still forms part of her Christmas decorations.    Claire Roberts

Minshull Church has been a true blessing for me as a “baby Christian”.  The loving welcome I received as I walked through the doors one sunny Sunday was second to none.  The church and all who kept it going strong will forever remain a wonderful loving memory of my first few steps on my walk with Christ.  A heartfelt thank you and God bless. xx   Marica

I’ve always felt at home when I visited,  ‘Let’s praise Him for all that is past and trust Him for all that’s to come.’   Olwen Ineson


I remember first going with my Mum and Dad which must have been in the early 1970’s and I have lots of happy memories of all the people I have met there over the many years since then!
There was always such a warm welcome and everyone was so friendly.  Some of the people that immediately come to mind, and of whom I have special memories, include Albert Buckley and Mrs Buckley, Derek and Eileen Buckley, Bryan and ‘Auntie’ May Poynter, Stan and Margaret Robinson, Joyce Holland and Mim and Barrie😊
I hope all goes well tomorrow and that, although it will be sad and an end of an era, I hope that it will also be a time of celebration and thanksgiving of the life and witness of Minshull URC.  Every blessing to you all.  Neil Clewes

The Salvation Army in Crewe and Minshull U.R.C. have had links over many years.  By the time I was appointed to Crewe in 2014 our music group would come to lead the toy service.  It was amazing how many toys this small church collected.  It normally took several cars to transport them all back to our church for distribution to needy families.  Our love and prayers go to the members of Minshull Church at this time.   Major Steven Watson


Early Days of Preaching here.  The wonderful people who welcomed a young preacher and gave encouragement.  The laughter and Christian Fellowship shared over the years.  The fantastic teas.  Helping many times to maintain the building.  Singing in the cold when the heating failed.     Les Sanderson

We said goodbye to Minshull today.  Happy sad memories over 200 years of worship at this beautiful little Chapel.  God bless all of those who have been involved with her.  She will be missed but we shall remember the happy times.    Mim

Minshull U.R.C. has always been for me a home church for folk who sometimes found it difficult to find a home elsewhere.  An abode that welcomed all and offered them the love of God.  Truly a little church with a big heart.  Murray

When I came to this chapel many years ago I was quickly welcomed into a warm, loving, Christian family.  They were a group of people also wanting to share their Christian love with the disadvantaged in Crewe. We had lots of laughs and I still smile when I think of some of the things we did and said.

Wonderful memories of Minshull.  It was always a delight to come with our augmented choir to sing for you. (Especially for the magnificent teas and trifles after!)      Eric Denyer

So many happy memories of singing the Roger Jones musicals with Union St. Baptist choir over the years.  Also helping out playing the organ for Sunday Services and occasional Wednesday morning services.  The refreshments and the fellowship around the big table after services.  The many delicious teas we have enjoyed after services and events.     Bill and Carole Kynaston

What a lovely, friendly and deeply faithful building with members that have been our friends for many years.  The variety of services that we have attended at the The Little Church bears testimony to its members.  The refreshments that we have enjoyed here have always been superb.  Love to you all.   Lynne and Philip

A kind, friendly welcome.  Christian people where faith shone from their faces.  My parents were always proud to offer flowers and fruit for the Harvest Services.  Many memories over many years, sadly coming to an end.    Audrey Colquhoun

Happy memories over a great number of years with God’s blessings.  Preached the Word many times. God bless everyone.  Ray Stafford

My memories of Minshull U.R.C. are supporting my wife, Karen, when she played the organ here on many occasions over the years.  Coming to watch choirs singing in concerts and being treated to really nice food laid on afterwards and good fellowship.  Such a shame it’s closing.     Stuart Darbyshire

Always a warm welcome.  Great sense of fellowship and faith.  Starting point of walks with the sorely missed Barrie.  And, of course, lovely teas post special services.

Such a welcoming – and inclusive-church – have always enjoyed cafe-services which have been thought-provoking.  Always felt able to bring friends to cafe-services.

What a joy it was to worship at Minshull Church when David was invited to preach.  The Christian warmth and friendship to  us, as newcomers, will be our memory.   Rev David and Ruth Hamblin.  To God be the Glory.